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End-to-end IoT solution

The Sensix ambient device

Businesses that depend on strict environment configurations such as warehouses and office buildings would benefit most of Sensix Ambient, as it ensures a permanent environment audit, accessible at any time on the Sensix platform.

The Sensix energy device

Sensix Energy is suitable for large-sized, industrial facilities such as production plants and manufacturing companies. Usually, the production is powered by performant tools and machines; in this case, predicting and improving energy consumption is critical for cost reduction and faulty equipment detection.

How does Sensix work?

One solution, multiple use cases

Our solution responds to a wide array of use cases, ranging from sports facilities and shopping malls, to public schools and private properties.

Modular. Wireless. Infrastructure-independent.

Plug & Play

It is easy to install, easy to register and you get instant feedback.

Ambient sensors

CO2, VOC, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise levels, light intensity, and human presence & more.

Energy monitoring

Keep track of your energy consumption or production, energy quality, transients and more.

Minimalistic design

Our devices can smoothly blend into your decor, as an integrated part of your building.

LoRa wireless tech

Place on any part of any wall without worrying about access to permanent power outlets.

1-year autonomy

We use Ultra-low-power MCUs for a reliable activity of all devices, at all times.

Sensix Dashboard

Live web & mobile dashboards

Have a permanent ambient and energy audit to get valuable insights.

Collect ambient parameters

Collect sensor feedback instead of customer complains

Collect energy parameters

Detect inefficient or faulty equipment to reduce costs

Configurable Alerts

Configure and receive alerts when parameters go out of thresholds.


Understand trends, identify patterns, correlate parameter values to make better decisions for your business.


It’s simple and affordable to test proof-of-concepts. Pay as you use and extend when needed

Translate data into meaning

Is this for my business?

Factory icon

Are you looking for the right tool to monitor the energy consumption of industrial equipment?

Costs icon

Is cost reduction on your facility management agenda?

Optimal environment icon

Is employee productivity critical for your business?

Panel icon

Would it be important for you to know how much energy your photovoltaic panels actually produce in real time?

Ambient environment icon

Wouldn’t it be useful to automatically setup a strict ambient environment for your warehouse?

Equipment icon

Do you still send personnel on-site to check each equipment in the facility to ensure everything works properly?

Sensor icon

Would you like to rely on sensor feedback for your ambient setup?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any, Sensix is the solution for you.