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Pricing plans

Every building and facility has different needs, thus we create custom Sensix setups and pricing plans that suit your organization.




Per facility, billed annually
  • 9x Ambient devices
  • 1x Energy device
  • Collect sensor data every 10 mins
  • Infrastructure-independent
  • Live dashboards
  • Custom alerts
  • Historical data reports
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Web, iOS and Android apps
  • 9x Ambient devices
  • 1x Energy device
  • For three-phase setups: 1x Lovato DMED330 energy meter and 3x Lovato DM2TMA0500 split-core current transformer
  • For single-phase setups: 1x Lovato DMED121 energy meter
  • 1x The Things Indoor LoRa Gateway
  • 1x installation manual
  • A reliable WiFi network is required for the gateway installation
  • The electric meters have to be installed in distribution boards by authorized electricians

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Per facility complex ~3km range, billed annually
  • 100x Ambient devices
  • 6x Energy device
  • Everything included in the Starter plan, with a twist:
  • Add up to 10K Sensix devices to adapt to your specific setup (capex €99/ device)
  • Add up to 3 gateways to extend range (capex €1499/ gateway)
  • Multi-workspaces with user management
  • Secure access to Sensix REST HTTPS API and MQTT server
  • Raw data exports for data scientists
  • Optional: on-premise deployment on your servers
  • 100x Ambient devices
  • 6x Energy device
  • For three-phase setups: 6x Lovato DMED330 energy meter and 18x Lovato DM2TMA0500 split-core current transformer (or other types to match your setup)
  • For single-phase setups: 6x Lovato DMED121 energy meter (or other types to match your setup)
  • 1x Kerlink Wirnet Station LoRa Outdoor Gateway
  • 1x installation manual
  • A SIM card for each Gateway is required
  • The electric meters have to be installed in distribution boards by authorized electricians

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Custom pricing available

  • Everything included in the Business plan, plus:
  • Option to build custom devices for your specific use case
  • Option to integrate with existing industrial equipment over RS485 with ModbusRTU
  • Priority technical support
  • Custom Legal Terms & Conditions

How can Sensix help you?

Collect sensor feedback instead of customer complains

Detect inefficient or faulty equipment to reduce costs

Receive notifications when parameters go out of thresholds

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Price Calculator

Take a step further and estimate the cost of your upcoming Sensix setup by using our price simulator:

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Ambient insights

Smart energy monitoring

Your pricing plan starts at:

1 EUR / mo

*Prices are estimated and provided for basic setups. Contact us for a custom pricing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have access to raw sensor data?

Yes, you can. With our Business plan you can download the historical raw sensor data or even subscribe to specific MQTT topics to get real time, raw sensor data. This is a goldmine for data scientists who can analyse your data in order to provide specific suggestions to improve processes and reduce operational costs.

Are Sensix sensors certified and calibrated?

Yes! We have our own well-established sensor suppliers that provide certified and calibrated sensors for their class of precision. Our devices are CE, RoHS and RED certificated.

Can I use Sensix in old buildings with no modifications to the building?

Yes. Sensix is infrastructure independent, it can be used in any indoor environment. Our devices transmit over LoRa sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands. The Gateways basically represent a bridge from radio to GPRS/3G.

Can I configure static threshold alerts for relevant parameters?

Shortly, yes. You can configure 5 different threshold points for each parameter: Critical Low, Warning Low, Nominal, Warning High, Critical High. Also, you can set the time interval of the day you want to receive alerts.

Is Sensix really going to help me reduce my energy costs?

Definitely! Sensix gives you insights into your building’s activity, similar to how analytics tools gives you website user behavior insights. It is up to you to turn the actionable insights into business decisions in order to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity and to ultimately reduce operational costs.

Is Sensix going to tell me how bad the air quality is?

Yes, Sensix Ambient devices measure ambient temperature, average humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds, among other ambient parameters. Enterprise plans can benefit from specific ambient parameters such as PM2.5 or O2.

Can I remotely control actuators?

Yes, you can. Our Sensix Energy device, in addition to the RS485 interfaces, has two relay channels that can be managed in the Sensix platform. So you can turn on or off your equipment remotely.

Can I automate processes?

Of course! Opt for the Business plan and your developers will be able to integrate different automation processes using our HTTPS REST API or MQTT server. Additionally, we can assist or even implement integrations for you. Please let us know what your use case is.

Can I make my live data publicly available?

Only if you want to. You have access to the Sensix Web application, where you can setup your custom dashboards with live data, share it over public URL links or even display it on big screens in your organisation.

Do I have a warranty for Sensix devices?

Yes. If our devices are faulty, we send new devices, free of charge. At the same time, the faulty devices will be analyzed for troubleshooting and improvements of our current products. Other complementary equipment built by 3rd parties like gateways or electric meters have their own manufacturer's warranty.

Can I test Sensix for free?

Unfortunately, this option is unavailable at the moment.

Can I add my own devices?

The Enterprise plan allows the possibility of integrating with other types of devices. We can even go a step further by building custom devices which integrate with any industrial equipment in order to provide status updates, energy consumption information and even remote configuration options.

If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, feel free to drop us a line at any time.