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Read the stories of the companies that have integrated Sensix in their facility management toolkit. From sports facilities, to office spaces and warehouses, we have accepted the challenge to meet complex requirements of solid businesses.

Poor IAQ in schools

can have a negative effect on children’s health and academic performance.


how to prevent/respond to IAQ problems in schools.

Sensix believes in green schools, happy & healthy students.

Sport and activities

Arena Aquasport

One of the biggest sports facilities in Timisoara uses Sensix solution to improve customer satisfaction and prevent business downtime.

Initial problem

  • Occasional customer complaints regarding the water temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity
  • Blackbox-type electricity bills, without usage pattern insights for each business-critical equipment
  • Results

  • Reduced the number of complaints by 70% after the first year of usage
  • Reduced operational costs by 4%, after identifying and fixing a faulty ventilation equipment
  • How did we do it?

  • Installed 10 Ambient devices to measure ambient and water temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, human movement activity
  • Installed one Energy device to measure 190 electricity related parameters
  • Defined nominal values to create custom alerts
  • Sent alerts to admins when parameters exceed configured thresholds, to support fast decision-making and prevent customer complaints
  • Real Estate

    Eco House

    Ecoliving Project real estate developer uses Sensix to prove the efficiency of a recently launched eco-friendly house concept—maintaining a healthy indoor environment while having low utility consumption is now possible.

    Initial challenges

  • Prove that the air quality and overall comfort are exceptional by using only a fraction of power normally required in a regular house
  • Customers are skeptical since they can’t really know for sure that the eco-house features really provide the promised benefits
  • Results

  • Collected ambient insights from 5 eco-households helped the real estate developer to showcase the benefits and build awareness and trust for the eco-house concept
  • Managed to reduce the ambient temperature by 2°C in the summer, without using AC. After analyzing the temperature and light patterns, they decided to cover the windows with a special climbing plant that provides shade in the summer and let the light pass in the winter
  • How did we do it?

  • Installed 23 Ambient devices and 5 Energy devices
  • Each room is monitored in a non-intrusive manner. We continuously measure ambient temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2, volatile organic compounds, light intensity, human movement activity
  • Owners have access to real-time and live statistics concerning their indoor ambient comfort and energy usage
  • Municipality

    Schools Project

    Initial problem

  • Maintain optimal ambient conditions while reducing the electric and heating energy costs
  • The students are not concerned by their actions that might heavily impact the energy consumption
  • Results

  • Part of the project was also a training session for students to promote responsabile energy consumption with cost free, easy to implement measures
  • The schools are now competing towards which one has a lower carbon footprint, while ensuring optimal indoor ambient
  • How did we do it?

  • Installed 170 Ambient and 12 Energy devices in 6 schools
  • Constantly monitoring ambient quality and energy consumption
  • Public display of a live dashboard in each school with relevant insights on the school ambient and energy parameters, but also from other schools within the project
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