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Certificatul de Performanță Energetică

by Sensix Team

Certificatul de performanță energetică sau, pe scurt, certificatul energetic este documentul ce cuprinde informații referitoare la eficienţa unei clădiri din punct de vedere energetic.

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PowerMonitor from A to Z, from P to R

about 2 months ago

PowerMonitor is an amazing device that monitors power quality and energy consumption, while also being affordable to build and easy to deploy.

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Ways to heal the planet

2 months ago

We can heal the planet by making small acts which have a huge impact. “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” - Robert Swan

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Energy Quality Episode 7/7

3 months ago

The most commonly used Power Quality Indices are the Total Harmonic Distortion, the Power Factor, Current and Voltage Unbalance, and the Short and Long-Term Flicker

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Energy Quality Episode 6/7

4 months ago

Keep track of our energy. Predicting and improving energy consumption is critical for cost reduction and faulty equipment detection, especially when working with performant tools and machines.

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