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Energy Quality Episode 5/6

by Sensix Team

Change is good, except climate change. When it comes to electricity, there are countless actions that can be implemented in order to minimize the Environmental Impact of electricity use.

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Energy Quality Episode 4/6

21 days ago

Operating an energy boundary in the presence of bad Power Quality Indices (such as the Total Power Factor, Current / Voltage Unbalances, Harmonic Distortion etc.) generates avoidable energy losses.

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Energy Quality Episode 3/6

29 days ago

Oh, well, Power Quality cannot be measured. As per se. What can be measured and we measure are various intermediary values. They describe the current and voltage waveform.

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Energy Quality Episode 2/6

about 1 month ago

Bad/poor/low, you name it, Power Quality can have a negative impact on the electrical system, and not just, and, most likely, it will have it.

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Energy Quality Episode 1/6

about 2 months ago

If you are a maintenance / building / production manager, this one is for you. If (and only if) you want to lower energy usage and costs, of course.

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