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Weathering the Elements: Tips for Riding Out Extremes with less Energy

by Sensix Team

Weather is a major factor that affects energy consumption by determining specific patterns. In particular, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and wind speed all have a significant impact on how much energy we use. Several studies have explored the link between various weather conditions and energy use.

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Embracing Plastic Free July

about 2 months ago

Plastic Free July is a global initiative aims to gather as many people as possible to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Everything so we can have cleaner air, water, forests, etc.

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Be part of the change

2 months ago

Climate change has become an urgent matter that demands immediate action. While the challenge may seem overwhelming, every individual has the power to contribute to the solution. By making conscious choices and adopting sustainable practices, we can collectively slow down the pace of climate change.

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The timeline of climate change

4 months ago

Climate change has become a critical issue that affects both the planet and the people. In order to understand the amplitude of this phenomenon, it is crucial to explore the timeline of climate change.

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Largest energy resources in Romania

6 months ago

Romania is the second largest natural gas producer in the EU, after The Netherlands. It currently produces 25-26 million cubic meters of gas each day, which is enough for total consumption in the summertime.

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