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provides insight into your building's activity.

Identify critical business issues, make well-informed decisions that you can measure over time.


All in your pocket

Monitor critical parameters, like air quality, people distribution or energy usage wherever you are, all within our mobile app.


Get notified

Set your thresholds and forget about monitoring. You'll get alerts as soon things go out of boundaries.



Get our app from Android, iOS stores or use the Web Dashboard.


Get insights

Analyze trends to make well-informed decisions that you can measure over time.


Act accordingly

Take actions before something goes wrong, avoid business downtime & ensure your customers are satisfied.


Improving every day

Reach us for feedback and support. We create and maintain the software and the hardware for all our devices.


We sense the environment.

Indoor ambient environment and energy monitoring for every building.

Process and analyze your data.

We collect raw data and safely store it, then process it with our trained AI models to come up with specific recommendations and alarms on your mobile device.

And display fancy charts where you need them.

Configurable dashboard panels give you insights about parameters critical to your business. Have them available on your mobile devices, laptops or even large screens.

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Arena Aqua Sport

One of the fanciest sports complexes from Timișoara uses SensiX solution to ensure premium customer satisfaction and avoid business downtime.

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But is this for my business?

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Do you need instant feedback so you can quickly adjust, without the need for your customers to complain?

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Do you wonder how specific parameters are fluctuating over time so that you may improve processes?

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Do you still manually check each equipment around the facility to ensure everything works properly?

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Are you interested in running your facility more efficiently and reduce costs?

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Are you concerned about optimal indoor climate conditions that keep employees happy and productive?

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Are you interested in bringing your building online?

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Indoor ambient insights

Smart energy monitoring

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* Prices are estimated for a typical setup, it may be different from case to case

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Headquartered in Timișoara.

Working from around the world.

You can of course drop by for a delicious soy milk latte and a nice conversation. However, please be mindful and schedule first, we are all busy people.

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