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Learn more about energy metrics w/ Sensix

by Sensix Team

The path to energy efficiency begins with understanding the metrics. And by them, we mean Active Energy, Active Power, Heat Energy, and Heat Power. Their optimization matter to our planet and your pocket so they should matter to you. Let’s make sense of them! 

Active Energy ⚡

Active Energy is…let’s say, the electric energy your house/school/facility consumed so far, measured in kWh - kilowatt-hour. If you have a driver’s license, you should know it is similar to how you’d measure the distance you drove so far with your car. Basically, Active Energy is the (real) km on your car.

Active Power 

Active Power is…the total power your house/school/facility is consuming right now, measured in kW. If you have a driver’s license, it is similar to how you’d measure your car’s speed when you’re driving it (hopefully, not now - don’t scroll and drive). 

Heat Energy 🔥

Most of us use the word “heat” to mean something that feels warm, but science defines heat as the flow of energy from a warm object to a cooler object. Heat energy is all around us: in volcanoes, in an iceberg, and our bodies. All matter contains heat energy. Referring to your house/school/facility, Heat Energy represents how much energy your building consumed so far, measured in kWh.

Heat Power

Long story abnormally short, Heat Power is the instant heat power that the heating company is providing right now through the pipes, which it’s measured in kW. 

The role of awareness is important for energy consumption and pro-environmental choices, and we hope that, through this series, we’ll have a little something to do with that. Keep on being energized and doing your part regarding energy efficiency. 

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