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Energy Quality Episode 6/7

by Sensix Team

This is the very sixth episode of the blog series we hope it will shed some light on energy efficiency, more specifically, on the efficiency of electrical equipment. So, if you are a maintenance/building/production manager, this one’s for you. If (and only if) you want to lower energy usage and costs, of course.

In the first episode we talked about what Power Quality is, we defined particular Power Quality Indices, and more. In the second one, we talked about B-B-B-B-Bad Power Quality and its negative effects. In the third one we talked about the Power Quality measurement, how it can be done and by whom and in the fourth episode we discussed the importance of Power Quality for an industrial end-user. Last, but not least, in our fifth episode we talked about The Quality of the Power we have on Climate Change. Right now, we’re gonna show you how to Keep track of your energy through Sensix. Let’s!

Unlimited power

Sensix provides monitoring of indoor energy and ambient. It is a powerful tool and a friend of any company that aims at developing a proper strategy towards environmental sustainability and financial profitability. Predicting and improving energy consumption is critical for cost reduction and faulty equipment detection, especially when working with performant tools and machines. Sensix platform has the potential of becoming a life-saver for the technical staff and a solution to the three dimensional problem described before (in Episode 5).

To be more precise, the platform is very precise

Sensix platform can be deployed in such a manner that an accurate, precise and relevant overview of the electricity distribution and use and of the Power Quality Indices can be obtained. The technical staff can thus:

  • identify faster Energy Performance hot-spots;
  • evaluate the potential of implementing specific EPIAs (Energy Performance Improvement Actions);
  • generate relevant reports which the Top Management can understand (basically translate the energy problems into financial and productivity impact);
  • increase the implementation rate of the EPIAs.

Some of the (many) benefits

The platform can even be used to automate the energy auditing process and the energy management reporting process, thus being a powerful tool for Energy Services Companies as well. By constantly monitoring sub-energy boundaries, the Sensix platform can even be used to propose, implement and verify Energy Performance Contracts.

Who and why?

The Power Quality analysis capabilities of Sensix platform, considering its affordability, makes it an even greater helper of both industrial end-users and tertiary sector end-users, such as shopping centers, office buildings and public administration buildings, as it can act on a two dimensional problem:

  • evaluate the Power Quality Indices of the energy supply (voltage related indices);
  • evaluate the Power Quality Indices of the end-user (current related indices).

One solution for many problems

Of course, (we think) it’s us. An important project for Sensix is, for example, the School Project. Using 70 Ambient and 12 Energy devices in 6 schools Sensix managed to constantly monitor ambient quality and energy consumption in each school. At the end, in each school were presented relevant insights on the school ambient and energy parameters, and also the parameters from other schools within the project. In this manner the students were taught responsible ways of energy consumption with cost free, easy to implement measures.

But schools are not the only ones who can benefit from the Sensix platform. From sports facilities, to office spaces and warehouses, Sensix accepted the challenge to meet complex requirements of solid businesses.

Discover our case studies and follow us for more energy stuff.

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