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Won Climate KIC grant

by Lucian Corduneanu

The program

We are very excited to be part of the Climate KIC program. We just won a grant of €30k, because is indirectly contributing to solving climate impact issues, like:

  • Promoting responsible energy consumption.
  • Facilitating green building certificates.
  • Reducing environmental footprint by optimizing utility consumption.
  • Improving air quality in workspaces to increase productivity.
  • Avoiding unhealthy cleaning products.

So our clients benefit from our solution while reducing the overall climate impact. It is a win-win situation! What could possibly be better than decreasing your company’s operational costs and boost employees productivity while taking care of the planet? :)

Intended result

Within the Climate KIC program, we aim to prepare the ambient sensing device for mass production and meet our first 3 paying customers.

Here is our page on the matchmaking website:

We pitched our startup at Demo Day held in Vienna @ ImpactHub. It was a pleasant experience, we met exceptional startups, quality people and two potential investors. Here are some press mentions:

Thank you!

EIT Climate-KIC

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