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Can we Climate-KIC it? Yes, we can!

by Sensix Team

But first, what is Climate-KIC?

To the world, Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. But to us, Climate-KIC is a very accessible acceleration program for startups fighting with climate change.

Why is it so? Because, back in 2018 when we applied with the Sensix Ambient project, we had a very good experience going through this acceleration program. And it’s more than that, as recently we convinced the Climate KIC jury that low-cost, modular electricity sensors we can manufacture are going to change the energy monitoring market for good. Really good, right?

Where did this come from?

Like most great ideas, the idea to apply for the Climate-KIC grant came to us on a break, more precisely, on a lunch break with one of our customers. While speaking about ambient and overall energy monitoring (a solution already installed to their location), he stressed the importance of granular monitoring of each single-phase circuit within the main distribution board, so that he gets a better overview of how every equipment is using electric energy. We said what we usually say to clients: “Everything is possible if we invest the right amount.

But it seemed that the market price for single-phase electricity meters was quite high, due to high-demand and MID approval most reliable models have, so we were unable to offer a good deal for his request. At that time. But meanwhile, we made a plan, because this is what you do when you have a dream, a plan on how to mass-produce cost-efficient equipment that can measure basic parameters, with very good accuracy, CE certified, however without MID. And we made that plan become a reality.

What did we get?

We got what we came for: the Climate-KIC grant, meaning 20.000 € Euros. Better, we earned not only the money we needed but also we earned quality networking, mentoring, coaching, matchmaking, and more resources you can’t put a price on.

What are the achievements?

With the new resources we are trying to achieve great things, like:

  • build several functional prototypes of the new Sensix single-phase sensor and install several functional prototypes as part of a pilot project with an existing or new client to measure basic electricity parameters of single-phase electric consumers;
  • release an improved version of Sensix web app (new design, new features requested by our clients);
  • intensify the go-to-market strategy and make better brand awareness, by refreshing our website, posting on our social media channels, making this explainer video, publishing a dedicated blog post about our Climate KIC 2020 experience:

And, bigger and better, this 4-month program is helping us to create the first limited series of the new Sensix sensor.

Where are we now?

Right now, we are working on the new web app. The first UI/UX sprint is done and now we start working on the development side. Also, we started to design the new device using High Current PCB Shunts. We also analysed inhouse sourced Current Transformers and Hall effect sensors. We quite did some (good) stuff and we’ll keep up the (good) work.

What do we say?

Thank you, Climate-KIC, for investing in innovative startups that promise to solve climate impact, we are really grateful. And thank you, Provadis Hochschule, for taking care of all the bureaucracy in great style and facilitating startups to grow, simplifying processes along the way.

And thank you for reading this. We’ll soon bring you updates, so stay close.

P.S. Don’t forget to deep breathe. It can make a difference in how you feel.

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