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2020 Wrapped by Sensix - Year in Review

by Sensix Team

2020 is dead, long live 2020!

A lot happened in 2020. Even at Sensix. This, the beginning of 2021, is the best time to give us and you a few highlights from a year to remember (or rather to forget). 

First things first, the lockdown/the pandemic hit us hard right from the start: we were expecting an order from China, of course, that was delayed two months. So, we had to place another order, in Europe, this time much more expensive. Besides the fact that we lost money, it affected our production capabilities for a new client. Also, since people weren’t really using offices and gyms anymore, we pivot a bit from a customer segment of office buildings and sports facilities to factories and warehouses. But maybe after all that wasn’t a bad thing. Sure that the work-from-home job force got a big push from the global coronavirus pandemic, but as for us, we were already working remotely, so our software development activities weren’t affected. Yay for that! 

Ray of hope

It was difficult and frustrating, especially during lockdowns, still is and probably will be (a little bit longer). However, we all know that during economic crises there are also opportunities. Let’s not forget in 2008 companies like WhatsApp, Uber, Slack or Airbnb took off. For our part, now is the right time to fight even more than before for air quality awareness. Both indoors, where we spend more than 80% of our time, and outdoors. Especially since a high number of people infected is linked with areas where air quality was poor. Also, we are now more than ever concerned about sustainability and responsible energy usage. We all should be. 

Motivation to the people!

What we find motivating is there is so much room for improvement out there. People demand to know what quality has the air they are breathing at work, in their city, at home, at the gym - everywhere. This is important and is supporting future decisions at an individual level: buying habits but also legislative changes to mitigate air pollution globally. People want to ensure they only pay for the energy they use, they want to have ways to improve, they are frustrated being in the dark of the so-called energy bill black box (at the end of a month). In the information era, people are hungry for actionable insights to make their lives and businesses better. So, for our side, it’s all for the best. 

What did we bring to the table?

We brought something to the table and that is our web app v3, with better UI/UX, enhanced functionality - that keeps you up to date with all the relevant parameters that your business needs. And we are particularly proud of the School project, installing Sensix in six schools to help municipalities to make better investments and students and teachers to visualize live air quality and energy parameters on big TV screens and on their mobile phones. Looking back now, we did accomplish a big thing. 

The extraordinary transformation and evolution in Sensix business

Let us tell you more about the extraordinary transformation and evolution in Sensix business. A new hardware tech we experimented with could be revolutionary allowing us to build a smart meter and signal analyzer that is affordable, small (good for retrofitting) safe, and highly accurate. This will help us collect telemetry data not only about energy consumption but also about grid health, transients, anomalies - suitable for predictive/preventative maintenance features.

Intentions, not resolutions

We also set some intentions (attention, not resolutions) for 2021, in business outlooks. They are:

  1. to reach out to more people who can benefit from installing Sensix in their facilities;
  2. to Deploy Sensix to 20+ sites;
  3. to learn from customer interviews and adapt to shape Sensix platform to solve the pain problems of our customers. 

If you are a start-up, we are curious to know what are your intentions. So, please, reach out and message us. 

That’s all for now. May 2021 bring more compassion worldwide. And may you still follow us. Thank you for that!

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