SensiX Team

Meet our awesome team of geniuses

We focus on technology innovation and invest in people to offer technology services backed by engineering excellence, systems thinking and human-centered design.

CEO & Co-founder

Lucian Corduneanu


I'm a software engineer who likes to swim, play squash and chess, but ambrosia pollen is killing me slowly.

Software QA

Diana Prisăcar


I'm a QA passionate, who loves challenges. Besides bugs, I like to stay cozy and watch movies and TV-shows or read books.

CTO & Co-founder

Ionuț Movilă


I'm a software developer who loves swimming and riding the bike. I hate bad smells.

Frontend Developer

Alexandru Croitoru


I'm a spontaneous man eager to take the initiative and put things in motion. I want to know everything.

Frontend developer

Alex Sîrbu


Strongly opinionated. Brutally honest. React enthusiast. Coding is my safe haven. I also dislike people.