Eco Houses

Eco-house real estate developer uses SensiX solution to prove their claims are right and they can indeed maintain a comfortable indoor environment while having low utility consumption.

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The problem we fix

Demonstrate the air quality and the overall comfort are exceptional by using only a fraction of power a regular house would require.

Using SensiX solution their potential customers aren't skeptic anymore since they can see anonymous, aggregated statistics for one year in a typical eco-house that proves it's indeed possible.

The solution

Eco-house owners have access to real-time and live statistics concerning their indoor comfort and energy usage.

We are monitoring the following parameters: ambient temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, volatile organic compounds, light intensity, human movement activity.


Arena Aqua Sport

One of the fanciest sports complexes from Timișoara uses SensiX solution to ensure premium customer satisfaction and avoid business downtime.

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